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Diligence Failures & High Risk Investments: Liberty SIPP

On the 28th April 2020, Liberty SIPP agreed to go into administration to protect its clients and creditors. This was due to the large number of claims about its high-risk and non-standard investments. These investments came at the cost of the investors’ pensions, some people losing a large percentage of their pension as a result.

Have you become a victim of the Liberty SIPP scheme? You may have thought there was less risk than there actually was, or perhaps you were simply unaware of what you were getting yourself in to. Either way, Gowing Law Solicitors can help you claim compensation in return for your financial losses. You may not be able to get your full pension back, but you are certainly entitled to as much compensation as possible. Let us know the details of your case!

Who is Liberty SIPP?

Liberty SIPP was formed in 2007 and by 2018, this company administered over 12,800 SIPPs with the aid of 745 advice companies all over the UK. The rate of its growth was not surprising as it was originally created with no setup fees and very few annual management fees. However, following a few rumours going around about mis-sold SIPPs in 2011-2013, Liberty SIPP sold its main SIPP scheme to the Embark Group in 2018. Embark was able to gain Liberty SIPP’s assets. However, they did not get the entire business. That is why the liability of any mis-led customers or mis-sold SIPPs still fell upon Liberty.

Like Berkley Burke, when Liberty SIPP was accused of misleading their pension investors, they claimed that they were not liable for any losses made by the investor. This was because business was only accepted on an “execution-only basis”. However, the Financial Ombudsman Service claimed that the company had the responsibility of providing the best possible deals for their clients. Liberty SIPPs could not get away with mis-leading them, which is why the company is now in administration.

What is now happening with Liberty SIPP?

Liberty SIPP has now gone into administration. It is now dealing with over 500 complaints from the Financial Ombudsman Service and is being asked to pay out for any complaints using the assets that it previously held. It has been estimated that some customers could even receive up to £85,000 in compensation, depending on the eligibility of their claims, how much they spent on the Liberty SIPP scheme and how much their losses were due to the negligence of the SIPP scheme they were placed on.

Will it cost me anything to make a claim?

No! It does not cost you anything to make a claim against Liberty SIPP. Our specialised SIPP claims team are happy to give you advice for free. If you do choose to work with us, we work on a “no win- no fee” basis. That way you will always come out on top. Any fees will be discussed openly with you so you know exactly what to expect.

  • How could I have been mis-sold a SIPP scheme with Liberty SIPP?

    One of the main reasons why Liberty SIPP came under scrutiny was due to its SIPP mis-selling allegations. Instead of trying to find personalised investment schemes that were perfect for pension investments, the schemes were high-risk and unregulated by the FCA. This put any SIPP applicant at risk of losing more money than they originally thought they would.

    Pension investors were also at the mercy of unregulated introducers, such as Avacade. Working with these introducers, Liberty SIPP recommended pension funds to be invested in unsuitable (and unregulated) asset schemes like:

    • InvestUS
    • Gas Verdant
    • Parking
    • Ethical Forestry
    • Sustainable Agro
    • Store Pods

    All of these schemes were extremely high-risk and the majority of them failed Therefore, investors felt misled and lost a huge portion of their pensions as a result. Due to this bad financial advising, and complete negligence of the SIPP scheme, there is a high chance that you could claim compensation. If you have already received this compensation, there is also a chance you could claim compensation from the financial advising firm that gave you the advice to work with Liberty SIPPs or their introducers in the first place. This is also known as “further redress.”

  • How much could I claim from Liberty SIPPS?

    This depends on how much you have invested in the SIPP and how you have been misled by Liberty SIPPs. If you were unaware of the level of risk that you investment entailed, it is very likely that you could make a claim against them. Some people could claim in the thousands. Speak to your solicitor at Gowing Law to estimate how much you could claim back in compensation.

  • Can I claim back my initial investment from Liberty SIPPs?

    Unfortunately, as Liberty SIPPs has gone into administration, there is no way that you can claim back your initial investment. That is why so many complaints have been filed against Liberty SIPPs. A lot of people are in your position, some having even lost the majority of their pension thanks to their bad investment. However you can claim compensation against the mis-sold SIPP scheme with the help of a good lawyer from Gowing Law. We can help you!

  • How long will it take to make a claim?

    Depending on your claim case, it could take a few weeks or over a year. Speaking with a Gowing Law Solicitor can help you map out a potential time scheme. That way you can know exactly what you need to prepare for when. Please be patient with your pension expert. They will make sure that they will provide you the best help possible with your claim. However, some claims are simply more complicated than others.

  • Do I need to prepare anything?

    If you want to claim compensation from Liberty SIPP, it is important that you collect as much information as possible on your claim. Find evidence that you were unaware of the level of risk that your SIPP provided. This can include contracts, investment statements and correspondence. You can also construct a letter of complaint against the SIPP provider so you can give them advanced notice about how you wish to proceed with your case.

    Make sure to organise all of this information so your solicitor can read through it and fully understand your case. That way they can move forward with you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What should I do now?

Once your information has been fully collected, you need to contact Gowing Law Solicitors for your initial consultation. The faster you contact us, the faster we can process your claim and get you the compensation that you deserve.

Call 0800 041 8350 or email to hear back from one of our specialists. You can also use our SIPP claims form below to send your details to one of our solicitors. They will then be in contact with you about your case as quickly as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and wish you the best of luck with your case!

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