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Inappropriate Non-Standard Investor: Pointon York SIPP

If you were a customer of Pointon York, then it is likely that you were told by an independent financial advisor to put your pension in a Pointon York SIPP. Perhaps you were told this was to increase the intake of your pension pot, or that your workplace pension was not enough. Either way, you invested your hard-earned pension in a Pointon York SIPP. Were you aware that the investments made with your money were high-risk? If not, then you have lost a lot of money that you can no longer get back. That’s why it’s important that you start considering how you are going to claim compensation for being mis-sold Pointon York SIPP.

Gowing Law Solicitors can help you claim compensation for a mis-sold SIPP. We have already won cases against other pension investors, including The Dolphin Trust, Berkley Burke and Harlequin Properties. You know that your compensation claim against Pointon York SIPP is in safe hands when you work with our specialist mis-sold SIPP teams. Learn more about Pointon York below and how we can help you.

Who is Pointon York SIPP?

Pointon York was a SIPP business founded in Harborough. It provided SIPPs to many pension owners and advised investors on how they could increase the amount of their pension pot. However, following a number of complaints brought against it about customer negligence and high-risk non-regulated investments the company went into liquidation in November 2018. This meant that some pension owners lost a large amount of money, others losing their entire pension fund.

According to some of the investors, Pointon York’s SIPP advisors recommended that they should transfer their pensions into a high-risk SIPP. Customers did not realise that the SIPP was high-risk, meaning that the SIPP was not personalised to them or their financial situation. Pointon York did not have the due diligence to carry out any checks on their investors. Instead, they were happy to simply take the money and let their customers lose out when the investments became illiquid.

Did your advisor identify what risks there were with your SIPP? If you feel like the advice given to you was not appropriate then there is a high chance that you could have been mis-sold a SIPP!

How could I have been mis-sold a Pointon York SIPP?

It is the responsibility of your Pointon York SIPP advisor to give due diligence to help you pick the perfect investment for you. That way you can ensure you know the amount of risk that is in the investment. As many of the customers were mis-lead about the extent of the risk in the unregulated investments, this meant that they were given bad financial advice. If this happened to you then you could be owed compensation from Pointon York SIPP.

You may also want to consider why you transferred your pension to a Pointon York SIPP in the first place. Were you originally with a workplace pension, but at the advice of a Pointon York SIPP advisor you moved your funds into a potential SIPP? This could mean that you were pressurised into making the high-risk investment in the first place. If you think you were in this situation then you could be owed compensation. This is because you were originally in a secure funding scheme. But because of your lack of financial investment experience, you were manipulated by them into investing in a SIPP scheme.

Are there any fees I need to pay?

Gowing Law Solicitors work on a “no win no fee basis”. That means we will only ask for a fee if you win your case against Pointon York SIPP. We also offer free advice and consultation sessions to see if you could have a valid compensation claim. We are here to help you with any problems you may have with Pointon York SIPP. Simply let just know what we can do.

  • Where is Pointon York SIPP now?

    Ever since Pointon York SIPP went into liquidation in 2018, they have not been doing any business with any other customers. Instead, the FSCS has been accepting compensation claims against them. Pointon York SIPP has now been sold to a different SIPP provider named Curtis Banks. That way they can keep their staff employed and their offices open. Keep in mind that if you do make a claim against Pointon York SIPP, you may also need to involve Curtis Banks, as they legally own the firm.

  • Do I need to prepare for my compensation case against Pointon York SIPP?

    Yes! Before you speak to your Gowing Law mis-sold SIPP solicitor, make sure that you have all of your documented evidence in order. You may want to file correspondence with your financial advisor, signed documents, SIPP information or even make a letter of complaint against the SIPP itself. That way you can let them know of your intent to claim compensation. If you are feeling confused about what could count as evidence in your case, make sure to ask your solicitor during your compensation meeting. They can guide you on this and let you know what you can include to strengthen your mis-sold SIPP case.

  • How long will a compensation case take?

    This depends on your case against Pointon York SIPP. Some cases tend to be a bit more complicated than others. That means they require more time to be carefully undertaken.  One case may take a few weeks, another may take a few months or even over a year. That’s why it’s important to be patient with your mis-sold SIPP solicitor against Pointon York. They can schedule out a general time frame about how long your case may take. If anything changes then you can be informed quickly. You will always know what to expect.

  • How much money could I receive from a compensation case?

    How much did you lose thanks to a Pointon York SIPP? If you made dramatic financial losses, and were not at fault for this, then you could receive a large amount of compensation. But keep in mind that this does depend on your case. Speak to your specialist mis-sold SIPP solicitor for more details.

What should I do now?

Contact Gowing Law Solicitors as quickly as possible. That way you can get your compensation sent to you in a timely manner. You can call our trained solicitors on 0800 041 8350 or email info@gowinglaw.co.uk.

You can also get in contact with our mis-sold SIPPs department by filling out our form below. This way you can put down your personal information and have a trained solicitor contact you directly.

We look forward to hearing from you soon about your case.

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